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Leaders in telecommunication and IP services

GG Consulting is a communication company.


GG Consulting is a communications company specializing in the provisioning of broad-based telecommunication, network and IP Solutions together with technical support services to small, medium and large organisations.

With more than 22 years combined technical and marketing experience in the South African telecommunications industry, our company can offer a fully comprehensive communication consultancy service which may be utilised to examine any aspect of your current or future voice and data requirements.

Underscored by numerous referrals from clients and product partners GG Consulting has the experience and expertise to offer your business cost effective and comprehensive solutions, which contribute significantly to an organisations success.

With an unblemished reputation within the telecommunications industry for our consultative strategically sound approach and seamless deployment of the solution design, partnering with our company makes good business sense.

What we offer:

  • Full assessment of client IT requirements
  • Full assessment telephony requirements
  • Infrastructure and provisioning services
  • Cabling infrastructure
  • IP, PABX and LAN specifications
  • VOIP and LCR requirements
  • Call Centre technology solutions
  • Voice recording
  • Trading desk solutions for financial services
  • Project management for all of the above

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